If Lulu Weren’t in Daycare

I had coffee with some friends yesterday, and of course we talked about our kids 90% of the time.  We have amazing children, why wouldn’t we?  Our kids are all at different stages (newborn, 1, and 3) so it makes it a lot of fun to compare and reminisce.  At one point the discussion turned to daycare/preschool (in-home, center) and eventually the cost of it.

Melissa said that if she didn’t have to pay for daycare, she could buy eight pairs of $100 shoes each month.  Of course she was joking, but it got me thinking – what could I buy each year if I didn’t have to pay for Lulu to be in preschool…

Each year I could buy:

  1. 2,496 Starbuck peppermint mochas.
  2. A kitchen remodel complete with new appliances.
  3. A brand new, fully loaded Chevrolet Aveo, Toyota Yaris, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Nissan Versa, or Kia Spectra.
  4. 12,480 cans of soda from the vending machine upstairs
  5. 250 pairs of Chuck Taylors
  6. This ring: Amazing Ring
  7. 1,300 yards of fabric.
  8. 180 pairs of Gap jeans
  9. 832 new books
  10. 3,120 skeins of yarn

That being said, no amount of money or quantity of stuff can replace:

  1. The feeling I get when Lulu sees me walk into her classroom each afternoon to pick her up.  The joy and happiness on her face (or the hilarious annoyance if she happens to be playing with Play Doh) when she sees me is immeasurable.
  2. Hearing her chatter on and on in her 3-year old voice about her friends and teachers and the songs she learned and books she read and other miscellaneous nonsense that is so delightful for a momma to hear.
  3. The pride I felt the first time I saw her write her name from memory, heard her count to 20, or go a full day in big girl underwear without an accident.
  4. The peace of mind I get knowing she is in a safe and loving environment all day when I cannot be with her.

Worth. Every. Penny.


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