The Dropoff

Some mornings Lulu loves getting dropped off at daycare.  She runs inside and is perfectly at ease.  Other mornings, not so much.  Sometimes she is shy, sometimes sad, sometimes tired, happy, crazy… I never know what I am going to get with this girl.

She was happy this morning.  She sat down at a table to finish eating her Cheerios.  I hung her sweatshirt up, gave her a kiss, and asked her to be a good girl at school today, to which she replied, in her commanding little voice:

“Mmhm.  And you be a good girl at work today.”  – Lulu, age 3



Can I Have A Take Back? I’d Really Like to Take That Back

During a discussion on university liability with regard to student mental health in class today, the question of pre-screening freshmen for mental disorders came up. I disagreed with the idea (for many reasons) but stated that if we screen for mental disorders, we will have to screen for everything.

Keeping the discussion going, my teacher said, “But it’s been shown that suicide has a high incidence rate in college students.”

My rebuttal?

“So does herpes.”

Caroline in Grad School… for the win.

One Week as a Grad Student {and the important lesson I’ve learned}

I’ve officially been a grad student for one week now (I don’t count my summer course – it was online and ridiculous).  I’ve attended all my classes.  I really enjoy both professors and I really enjoy the subject matter of my law and higher ed class.  Finance in higher ed might take a little longer to grow fond of, but I haven’t given up hope – time will tell.  

The last week has been busy.  We had a party which meant a thorough scrubbing of my house, Lucy has been sick, and now I am sick.  I’m really tired.  I miss my sewing machine.  My in-laws gave me a serger for my birthday and I haven’t had a chance to even open the instruction manual.  I’ve been living on caffeine.  I only want to eat carbs.

But I am happy, and I am still excited and motivated to really embrace this experience and opportunity.  I’ve already met so many incredible people, and I hope that new friendships are in the making.

That being said, here is short, but highly valuable, list of what I have learned one week into graduate school:

  1. Books, notebooks, and binders are heavy.  It might be a good idea to invest in a back pack.
  2. Sleep is crucial.  Reading comprehension will not occur if I can’t keep my eyes open.
  3. Reading with white noise in the background is actually incredibly helpful for my concentration.  Locusts make great white noise.
  4. I cannot multi-task when it comes to parenting and reading.  Both require my undivided attention, and chances are the dimpled ball of energy that seldom stops talking is going to win in the battle for momma’s attention.
  5. However much time I think I will need to get through my week’s readings needs to be multiplied by 3.  This was an unfortunate lesson to learn this week, but at least I’ve learned it early enough to remedy it.  

And now, I must work.